About MEC

  • Miller Education Center (MEC) provides options for students seeking a non-traditional education. Academic programs include: Hillsboro Big Picture school grades 9-12, teen parent program, GED preparation, Diploma Completion for 5th-year seniors, transitional placement (TOPs), OYCP Bridge, PCC Early College, Independent Transition Services-ITS, and education for adjudicated youth.

    Enrollment into all of these programs MUST start with your home school counselor. Each middle school and high school counselor can help you determine which program will meet your educational needs.

MEC Campuses

  • Addresses:

    MEC West Campus
    Hillsboro Big Picture, GED,
    5th year Diploma, TOPs, PEARL
    440 SE Oak Street
    Driving Directions

    Phone: 503.844.1680,
    Fax: 503.844.1684

    MEC East Campus
    Independent Transition Services (ITS)
    215 SE 6th Avenue
    Hillsboro , OR 97123
    Driving Directions

    Phone: 503.844.1000
    Fax: 503.844.1019