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  • Rebecca Rios


     September 2, 2020

    Greetings North Plains Families!

    I know there have been many great conversations happening this week between teachers and familes, and if you haven't had that opportunity yet, it is coming!  Teachers in grades 3-6 still have appointments today through the evening, and more tomorrow.  Teachers in grades K-2 finish calls today, then this evening have an open house "drop in" google meets for familes to ask questions, see other students in the class, and just socialize.  This will happen between 5-7PM, but it is not intended to be a 2 hour meeting, just a drop in time.

    Our gym is really coming along!  I had a chance to go inside last week and it's amazing!  There have been delays in the schedule due to all that is happening right now, and the new completion date is 12/8/2020.  The new turn around is looking great too and will be finished by 9/21/2020.  This means that our materials pick up will happen in the bus loop, similar to what we did in the spring.  The schedule is by family last name so you will only have to make one trip.  Please try to come during your scheduled time so we don't have a huge back up and long wait times.  The schedule is as follows:

    Thursday, Sept. 10

    10 - 11 AM Last name A - D

    11 - 12 PM Last name E - I

    12 - 1 PM Last name J-M

    1 - 2 PM Last name N - R

    2 - 3 PM Last name S - V

    3 - 4 PM Last name W-Z

    We will have a "make up" time on Friday the 11th from 10 AM- 12PM if you can't make your scheduled time.  Also, feel free to have someone else come get your materials if needed.  Everyone will need to come by because we will hand out our new English Language Arts materials that all students will need, in addition to chrome books and hot spots that have been requested.

    Remember that I will have a drop in time for families to meet me or answer questions on Friday the 4th at 2PM.  Here is the Zoom link for you to join if you are interested.  This is ZOOM, not google meets, and if it doesn't work for you, feel free to come on Monday at 2 with this Google meets link.  If neither of those times work for you, please feel free to email me or call me any time!

    Have a wonderful day, and stay cool!

    Becky Rios

    (971) 220-6526

    (503) 844-1630



    August 28, 2020

    Greetings North Plains Families!

    It's been great talking with many of you  this week!  Suzanne, Cathy and I started calling on Wed. and it's taken 3 full days to call all families, but it's been awesome.  If for some reason we missed you, and I truly hope that's not the case, PLEASE call the office at 503-844-1630 to schedule an appointment to meet your teacher.

    The new turn around is still under construction but should be ready to go the week of Sept. 14.  We need to pass out materials, including chrome books and hot spots for those that need them, before that Monday, so we'll be using the staff/bus entrance and looping around in front of the school like we did in the spring.  The schedule is as follows:

    Thursday, Sept. 10

                                                             10 - 11 AM: Families with last name A-D

                                                              11 - 12 PM: Families with last name E - I

                                                              12 - 1 PM: Families with last name J - M

                                                                1 - 2 PM: Families with last name N - R

                                                                2 - 3 PM: Families with last name S - V

                                                                3 - 4 PM: Families with last name W - Z

    If you are unable to make it for some reason and have someone who can get here for you, that is fine.  Also, if you absolutely can't make it that day, we will be available on Friday from 10 - 12 for you to come by.  Everyone needs to come so we can pass out our new Language Arts materials at all grades. We will also have some school supplies available for those that need it.

    If you opted for a google-meets with your teacher, please watch for an email invite from them, likely no earlier than Monday morning.  They don't get back until Monday and we start right away with a meeting, so it won't happen before then.  Also, for students in grades K-2, there will be an "open house" google meet with your teacher between 5-7PM on Wed., Sept. 2 where you can drop in and see kids in your class as well as the teacher.

    I've been asked to archive old news letters and think the best way is just to keep them running below since I can't attach a document here, so feel free to scroll down to see past letters.  This is the first time, so there is only one so far!

    I will be creating an office hour per week for familes to jump into a zoom meeting with me starting next week.  The first one will be Friday, Sept. 4 at 2:00 PM and the link is zoom link.  I'll create other opportunities, and you can always call or email me too!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Becky Rios

    (971) 220-6526

    (503) 844-1630



    August 24, 2020

    Greetings North Plains Families!   

    Our parking lot is open, yea!  However our building remains closed due to COVID:( Suzanne (Office Manager) and I are working both from home and at the building, so please don't just stop by. If you need support or have a question, call the office at 503-844-1630 and if we can't answer right away, we'll get back to you ASAP!

    If you haven't seen the new Hot Topics page on the district website, this is a great place to go for all of the latest information.  However, here are a few things you should know:

    Teachers return Aug. 31 and will have 8 days to plan for Comprehensive Distance Learning.  Teachers will be making calls to families that first week, Aug. 31 - Sept. 3, and we really want to talk to you!   This could be either a "google meets" call, so you can see each other, or a phone call, just indicate what you prefer. We will be calling families starting Aug. 26 to set up times for the teacher to call and to find out what technology supports you may need.  

    Due to the massive amounts of communication that happens in this CDL format, I am asking that my teachers put their name in the subject line so you know the email is from them.  I will put North Plains Elementary School in the subject line so you know it is from me!

    School supplies are different this year!  Here is the supply list for this year: Remember, anything you are unable to provide this year, we will get it for you!

    • Pencils
    • 2-3 Regular Composition Notebooks/Spiral Notebooks.  Primary teachers prefer the ones with a place to draw a picutre at the top
    • 1 graphing Composition Notebook (grades 3-6)
    • 1 box crayons
    • 1 box colored pencils
    • 1 Eraser
    • Pencil Box
    • Glue sticks or bottle
    • Folder
    • Headset or earbuds with microphone
    • White board ( there is a 17"x23" one at Bi-Mart for 7.99!)

    A Family/Caregiver guide was shared with all families that includes a schedule for the school day.  This document is also on our district website, and you can click on this link to get their directly!

    Our district is committed to making sure every student has a device to access CDL this year, so if you returned your chrome book and need it back, or if you just need  one, we will be handing them out the week of Sept. 8.  There are other things we will be distributing as well such as materials for our new Language Arts Adoption, Wonders.  There will be a schedule for that distribution coming out soon.

    Thank you to all who have reached out to me with questions, concerns, ideas, and information.  For those of you that don't know me, I WANT to hear from you!  Plesae never hesitate to reach out.

    Take care and stay healthy!


    Becky rios

    North Plains Hawks: Embracing growth, diversity, and change!


    (971) 220-6526


    Principal's Message July 29, 2020



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