High School Sports and Activity Update

  • April 23, 2021

    Dear HSD High School Student-Athletes, Activities Participants and Families,

    We have two updates to share with you today, based on announcements made by the Governor and Oregon Health Authority this week. 

    The first is that Washington County will be moving back into the “High Risk” category from April 23 through May 7. Therefore, the maximum number of spectators we can have at sporting events will drop as follows:

    • Outdoor sporting events - 15% of maximum occupancy
    • Indoor sporting events - 25% of maximum occupancy or 50 people total, whichever is smaller

    The second is that indoor full-contact sports such as basketball, cheerleading, wrestling, and water polo are allowed for Season 4, which runs May 10 through June 27, 2021.

    Please see the current Sector Risk Level Guidance Chart and our March 19 and March 26 updates for additional information. 

    Schools, athletic directors, and coaches will communicate with students and families about how these changes impact your child and the activities/athletics in which they participate, as well as about upcoming contests and the methodology for determining how many spectators each student can invite.

    Hillsboro School District 

    For all high school sports and activity updates, visit www.hsd.k12.or.us/athletics.   

    23 de abril de 2021

    Estimados estudiantes atletas, participantes de actividades y familias de las escuelas preparatorias de HSD: 

    Tenemos dos actualizaciones para compartir con ustedes el día de hoy, basados en los anuncios hechos por la gobernadora y la Autoridad de Salud de Oregón esta semana. 

    El primer anuncio es que el Condado de Washington volverá a la categoría de "riesgo alto" del 23 de abril al 7 de mayo. Por lo tanto, el número máximo de espectadores que podemos tener en los eventos deportivos se reducirá de la siguiente manera:

    • Eventos deportivos al aire libre: 15% de la ocupación máxima
    • Eventos deportivos en espacios interiores: 25% de la ocupación máxima o 50 personas en total, el número que sea menor

    El segundo anuncio es que para la temporada 4, la cual se desarrolla del 10 de mayo al 27 de junio de 2021 se permitirá realizar deportes de contacto total en espacios interiores, tales como el baloncesto, porristas, lucha grecorromana y polo acuático. 

    Por favor, consulte la tabla vigente sobre las directrices para los niveles de riesgo por sector y nuestras actualizaciones del 19 de marzo y 26 de marzo para obtener información adicional. 

    Las escuelas, los directores de deportes y los entrenadores se comunicarán con los estudiantes y las familias sobre cómo estos cambios afectarán a sus estudiantes y a las actividades/deportes en los que participan, también les informarán sobre los próximos eventos deportivos y la metodología para determinar cuántos espectadores puede invitar cada estudiante.

    Distrito Escolar de Hillsboro

    Para obtener todas las actualizaciones sobre las actividades y los deportes de las escuelas preparatorias, visite www.hsd.k12.or.us/athletics.  

Hilhi Athletics

Eligibility Requirements

  • Participation in athletic/activities is available to any student.  The following regulations govern athletic/activity eligibility, including incoming freshman (8th grade transcripts):

    1. The participant must meet state and local eligibility requirements.
    2. The participant must adhere to the training and citizenship rules established by the coach, athletic dept., and school administration.
    3. The participant must meet physical requirements and possess some type of insurance which covers him/her for athletic injuries.
    4. A participant who is dropped form a team for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to join another team/activity during that season. 
    5. A participant may not drop from one team to another without agreement of both coaches concerned. 
    6. A participant must possess a student body card with ASB sticker. 
    7. Academic Standards
      1. Meet the OSAA requirements of:
        1. Having passed 5 subjects the previous semester.
        2. Be enrolled and passing in at least 5 subjects the current semester.
      2. Pass all subjects or receive a 2.0 GPO and the previous grading period (quarter, semester). Summer school grades may be added to the previous semester.
      3. Students who fail to pass 5 classes will then be considered OSAA ineligible and will not be allowed to participate in contests and may practice only per coaches approval.
      4. Students who do not meet the District Standard of a 2.0 GPA and have an F will lose a certain percentage of participation in contests based on the District percentage chart.
      5. Athletes must abide by the District Drug and Alcohol Policy which is enforced 365 days per year.
    8. A current physical must be on file for Freshman and Junior years.

    The Hillsboro School District recognizes athletic/activity participation as an integral part of the education process.  Experience has shown that such participation promotes and supports the academic mission of school, as well as the contribution to students' social and personal development. Students who represent their schools should set high expectations for themselves in all areas of school life, but particularly in the classroom. 


  • Online Registration 

    Registration links and information is located on the Hillsboro District Website