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    Pre-order a yearbook

    Go to use code 7789 to pre-order your yearbooks. 

    Pre-ordering will be available on September 1st. 

    Early Bird Special: Pre-order your book before 10/1 and get the book for $50. 

    Books are $60 from 10/1until 12/31. 

    Prices increase to $65 1/1/22. 

    Pre-ordering your yearbook guarantees you will have a book reserved for you. Our final yearbook numbers are due January 2nd so pre-ordering now helps us know how many books to order.


    Senior Yearbook Information:

    Senior photos:

    The senior yearbook photo deadline is December 1st. 

    Senior photos can be professional photos or a photo taken with a cellphone (all seniors must submit photos) or a student ID photo will be used for the senior photo. 

    Mrs. McCaffrey is offering free 20 minutes senior yearbook photo sessions on Thursday and Fridays in September and October.  If you are interested in having a photo session with Mrs. McCaffrey please email her at

    Already have your photo? 
    Perfect! Please use this link to submit your photos. 

    Please make sure all photo guidelines are met before submitting.

    Guidelines can be found here: 

    Please make sure your photo file is named as followed: lastname_firstname_LHS2022

    Senior Messages:

    Parents, family, and friends are able to create a senior message that will be printed in each yearbook to congratulate your graduating seniors. Messages may include pictures ( we love seeing pictures from when they were younger).  A yearbook staff member will combine your message and pictures to create a one-of-a-kind ad for your student. You may have more than one message if various family and friends want to send well wishes.

    The messages will be created by our yearbook staff so they fit the style and theme of the yearbook. Once the message is created you will receive an email with a screenshot of the message for you to review and approve. If there are any adjustments that need to be made they will be done and a new screenshot of your message will be sent for approval. 

    To pay for the message you will choose your size, and submit this form. Then credit will be added to your student's account, you will be able to pay via credit card online or send a check to our bookkeeper at LHS, after the November due date. 


    1/16 page: $25 (no picture included)                             

    ⅛ page: $60                                      

    ¼ page: $100                             

    ½ page: $175                                               

    Full page: $300 

    Senior Message submissions are due November 5th, no submissions will be accepted after as the yearbook staff needs to notify our publishing company about the number of pages needed for the yearbook that weekend. 

    Please use this link to purchase a senior message:

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