Welcome To Print Shop

  • The Print Shop provides one-stop service for the district’s printing, reproduction and mailing needs, while striving for quality, lowest cost and respect for the environment. We can help you pick the right paper and service for your project, provide guidance with your graphics and layout, and coordinate your project timelines to ensure quality and timely completion. Our mailing services include intra-district couriers and bulk mailings to families.

    Who can send jobs to the Hillsboro School District 1J Print Shop?
    The Hillsboro School District 1J Print Shop provides reproduction services to all District sites and programs.

    Available services:

    • Photocopying, black and white and in color
    • Offset press printing
    • Booklet making and binding


  • Administration Center
    3083 NE 49th Place #117
    Hillsboro, OR 97124-6009


    David Bryson
    Print Supervisor

    Diane Woodward
    Print Operator