Dual Language Program Overview

  • The Hillsboro School District began its Spanish-English Dual Language program (DLP) in 2002 to engage and support the increasingly diverse community we were serving and continue to serve. In Hillsboro's Dual Language program (also referred to as two-way immersion), students are exposed to the same curriculum as their peers while also having the opportunity to learn a second language. Cultures are explored while students work and learn together, preparing them for a successful future in the multicultural world in which we live.

    As of the fall of 2017, the District has eight elementary, one middle, and one high school Dual Language program. We have at least one elementary Dual Language program in each of our feeders; however, the only middle and high schools that are currently fully articulated are South Meadows Middle School and Hilhi.

    As the Dual Language program moves up a grade level each year in our elementary schools, expansion into our middle and high schools will focus on developing and maintaining the premier DLP option - with a goal of 50% of content to be delivered in Spanish and 50% in English - at South Meadows and Hilhi, and offering at least one Spanish Literacy course (equivalent to English Language Arts) and up to two additional core courses, as staffing allows, at our other middle and high schools.

    Students attending any of our schools will have the opportunity to maintain and grow their language skills and to complete the portfolio and performance tasks necessary for earning a Bilingual Seal on their diploma, if they so choose.


  • Please contact the school directly for information about their programs and opportunities for your child to participate.

    Arcema Tovar - tovara@hsd.k12.or.us
    Director of Multilingual Programs

    Ana Buthe - buthea@hsd.k12.or.us
    PK-12 Dual Language TOSA

    Angelica Derreza - derrezaa@hsd.k12.or.us
    Administrative Assistant

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