• Welcome to the Hillsboro School District's Office for School Performance. Here you will find tools and resources related to instruction, as well as documentation on key projects and plans to significantly increase student performance as well as remove the racial and economic achievement disparities in our community. The Office for School Performance is dedicated to supporting our schools in the areas of Teaching and Learning,  Elementary and Secondary, Student Services, Federal Programs and Technology Services. Visit each of these pages to get up-to-date information, request support, or become engaged!

    Audrea Neville

    Assistant Superintendent Audrea Neville has served in the Hillsboro School District for 22 years. She has held roles as Executive Director of Schools, elementary principal at Patterson Elementary, assistant principal, and as a teacher at R.A. Brown and Poynter Middle Schools. A strong systems thinker, she has supported the work of redesigning our middle school structure to help better prepare students for high school success and created access to more electives connected to career and college pathways. Audrea is also experienced at supporting elementary school through curriculum and quality-engaging instruction. She has a passion for creating a solid foundation for our students that opens doors to multiple opportunities as they graduate. 

    Brooke Nova

    Assistant Superintendent Brooke Nova has led the creation of our current PK-12 Career and College Pathways program and has been supporting and expanding the work district-wide for the past nine years. Under her leadership, HSD expanded its Career and Technical Education (CTE) course offerings from 19 to 37; she established Career Learning Area (CLA) advisory teams composed of staff, industry representatives, higher education partners, and others to guide the development of programming that is aligned to high-wage, high-demand careers in our community; she was instrumental in the creation and programming of the Pathways Center; and much more.

    In 2020, Nova also took on student support networks as part of her responsibilities. In this capacity, she implemented school policies, procedures, and systems to promote safe and healthy environments, in compliance with state standards and school board policies. She established new partnerships and programming for prevention and intervention supports in attendance practices, substance use and mental health, while promoting holistic opportunities to improve student wellbeing.

    In addition to her work in HSD, Nova served as an associate professor in the School Counseling department at Lewis and Clark College from 2015 to 2021. There, she focused on aligning student outcomes to develop equity-driven, integrative and specialized professional practice; essential habits of mind; communicative fluency; and effective problem-solving skills.

    Prior to these roles, Nova served as an alternative education specialist, middle school Social Studies teacher, and high school School-to-Career specialist.


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