4-H Tech Wizards

  • Program Description

    4-H Tech Wizards is an afterschool, small-group mentoring program for vulnerable and marginalized youth who tend to be underrepresented in STEM fields. The program uses youth interest in science and emerging technologies to help engage them in learning and to encourage them to apply their learning to their STEM academic instruction and future life paths.


    The 4-H Tech Wizards curriculum has three skill levels delivered over three years. During this time, youth develop skills in:

    • Website development
    • Video and podcast production
    • GIS and GPS technologies
    • LEGO Robotics
    • And newer technologies through real-world situations

    Youth also volunteer 15 hours annually in technology-related service learning projects benefitting the larger community.

    4-H Tech Wizards enhances learning by providing the targeted student group with goal setting and technology training which is delivered in partnership with 4-H, schools, volunteers, libraries, non-profits, and other community partners. Students learn STEM-related skills from adult mentors who become positive role models for the students to emulate. Additionally, students learn life important life skills, such as:

    • Problem-solving
    • Presentation and public speaking skills
    • Decision-making


  • 4HTech Wizards Facilitator:

    Denice Sheffer