Kindergarten and First Grade

  • Board Policy JEBA: School Entrance Age Requirements states: Students will be admitted into kindergarten or first grade if their fifth or sixth birthday, respectively, occurs on or before September 1 of the year of enrollment. In addition, a student whose birthday occurs after that date may be admitted to kindergarten or first grade if the student is transferring from another public school.

    Requests for early entry into kindergarten or first grade may be made by May 1 for a student whose fifth or sixth birthday occurs after September 1, but not later than September 30, who is sufficiently advanced to succeed in the educational program based on an analysis by qualified professional staff, including the following criteria:

    1. Parent interview (developmental history)
    2. Preschool experience
    3. Emotional/social functioning
    4. Adaptive behavior (including, but not limited to, perceptual and motor skills, self-help skills, and communication skills)
    5. Academic functioning (readiness, basic skills)

    The Superintendent/designee, with the executive director of the office for school performance, shall identify screening processes and instruments that will provide a dependable assessment of the above items and procedure for placement. Parents will be required to pay a fee to cover the costs of the special testing involved. The office for school performance will coordinate the assessment.

    An appeal may be made in writing by the parents to the Superintendent/designee who may affirm or modify the early entry grace period. The Superintendent’s decision on whether to provide this exception will be considered final.

    Additional information about early entry procedures can be found in Board Policy JEBA-AR: Guidelines for Early Entry into Kindergarten and First Grade.

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