Career and College Information

  • Welcome to Liberty's Career Center! Here you will find information to help you plan for your future after high school.

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    We help with:

    • earning your Career Development Credit (.5) - required for graduation
    • researching career and college options (2 year, 4 year, career/technical, military, apprenticeship, etc.)
    • understanding the college application process, requirements and deadlines
    • understanding the financial aid process and how to find scholarships to help pay for college
    • Transcripts
    • SAT/ACT Waivers
    • providing resources for further information regarding the military, trades, or apprenticeships
    • providing resources for job opportunities and workforce readiness

    Career Development Credit (.5) includes all of the following activities over four years of high school. These activities will be completed in one of their core classes (Science, Health, English LA) when School Counselors present various lessons.
    CD Credit Activities