About the Board

  • The Hillsboro School District Board of Directors is comprised of seven elected members serving four-year terms. Board members are community volunteers and do not receive compensation for their work. Board members establish policy based on Oregon and Federal laws governing schools. The Board approves policies for the Superintendent to implement. Email: School Board

    Public Involvement is Encouraged
    The public is invited to attend the public Board meetings to gain a better understanding of school district business and the role of the School Board. The public is also invited to address the Board during the public input portion of the regular monthly Board meetings.Individuals interested in addressing the Board should arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled monthly meetings to complete and submit a public input form.

    For more information on addressing the Board, contact:
    Board secretary Rose Roman
    Phone: 503.844.1500
    Fax: 503.844.1540
    Email: Rose Roman

    Notice about Email Communication to the Board
    Any communication to one or more Board members by email does not constitute "notice" to the Board of Directors and/or the Hillsboro School District of any issue or condition which is the subject of such email communication; nor is any email communication deemed a substitute for any legal notice or communication otherwise required to be made by statute or administrative rule. Email addressed to any individual Board member at the email addresses published on this website is the property of the Hillsboro School District, and the confidentiality of the communication is not assured. Email addressed to individual Board members may be shared with District staff and/or the entire Board.