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    Poynter Clubs

    Clubs Contact Person Meeting Days When
    Asian Pacific Islander Club Nini Bui, Gary Ito, and Jenny Taguchi Mondays After School
    Zone Volleyball Anna Posthumus Mondays & Wednesdays After school
    Drawing Club Bill John Tuesdays After school
    Homework Club Julia Adams, Tim Battaion, Wendy Williams Tuesdays After school
    Table Top Club (Games) Kim Parrett Tuesdays After school
    Runner 2 Runner Kirby Rivas (info only) / Bianca Martin Tuesdays & Thursdays After school
    Zone Soccer Anna Posthumus Tuesdays & Thursdays After school
    Yearbook Club Bill John / Nini Bui Wednesdays After school
    Latina Girls Club Yolanda Kinion/Gladys Olano Wednesdays After school
    Musical Minds Club John Markealli Wednesdays After school
    Latino Youth Project Giselle De Leon Wednesdays After school
    Craft Club Kim Parret/Gladys Olano Thursdays After school
    QSA Anna Posthumus and Dana Marin Thursdays During school
    Lego Club Carol Preshong Thursdays After school
    Black Student Union Bill John & Jenny Taguchi Thursdays (after school)
    Fridays (During advisory)
    After School
    During Advisory
    BMX Club Chehalen Valley BMX / outside event info in office After school
    School Play Rehearsals Nicole Thompson   After school