Participation Fees

  • Students who participate in the interscholastic athletic program shall pay a participation fee to partially defray expenses of the athletic programs. Athletic Fees are $200 per season. Activity Fees are $150 per season. 

    Per sport/activity maximum participation fees are $400 per student or $800 per family for the current school year. Students who qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program may be granted a fee waiver/reduction. The HSD encourages all students to participate and will assist if financial concerns are a barrier to participation 

    Per sport/activity maximum amounts do not apply to lacrosse, water polo or other non-OSAA sanctioned sports. 

    All fees must be paid in full by the last day of the season for each sport. Your student will not be permitted to participate in any additional sport with an outstanding balance. If you are unable to meet the final payment date, you must call the school to make payment arrangements.

    Waivers and Refunds

    Waivers will be handled by building athletic coordinators under the direction of the building principal. The Waiver Request Form, signed by the parents, will simply indicate the family is unable to pay. Each request will be reviewed and acted upon by the building principal.

    Prorated refunds will be available only when participation is ended due to no fault of the student. The district athletic director will establish refund schedules for each sport.