Language Arts

  • Name Room # Courses Web Pages
    Adam Billington S172 Advanced Senior English, Sophomore English, Journalism/Print, Advanced Palcement Writing Billington's Webpage
    June Gerst S235/S162 Advanced Sophomore English, Speech & Debate/Forensics,   
    Carolyn Hainline S255 Senior English, Sophomore English, Advanced Placement Literature,  Conflict and Peace  
    Lydia Laurance S161 Sophomore English, Advanced Placement Writing, Creative Writing 1 & 2  
    Doug Miles  S173 (ELA) S159 (Yearbook)
    Advanced Freshman English, Sophomore English, and Yearbook
    Cassondra Sauve S157 Sophomore English  
    Jessica Smith  S159 (ELA) S159 (Photo)  Photo 1-3  
    Kelly Thex S157 Advanced Senior English, Senior English, and Sophomore English  
    Michael Thomas S176 Junior English, Advanced Junior English  
    Joe Vermeire N224 Freshman English, Sophomore English  
    Mason Wright  N205 Freshman English, Advanced Junior English, Freshman AVID Elective and Head Baseball Coach