• L.C. Tobias Elementary School On February 12th the new school was named Louis C. Tobias, after a successful early lumberman in the Reedville area. One of the district patrons, Oscar Hagg, rode the bus to Portland to the Multnomah County Historical Society office to verify the name for the board as Tobias had signed his name "L. C. Tobias" on his voting records on file at the Washington County Historical Society. More information was provided by Delores Cortesy, former columnist for the Hillsboro Argus. She once lived in the house he built at the northeast corner of 198th and Alexander Street. It was reported to have been the first house in the immediate area to have indoor plumbing, electricity and windows 44-inches wide. 

    Ms. Cortesy described him as "a kind man, and it wasn’t unusual for him to pay the monthly grocery bill for someone having a hard time." Mr. Tobias, who was a widower, remarried in 1912.He traveled to Seattle and returned with Ruby, a young poet who had been a friend of his first wife. The youth group of Aloha Community Baptist Church planned a welcoming charivari and gathered outside the newlywed’s house the night of their arrival. Mr. and Mrs. Tobias regularly walked to Portland to church. Mr. Tobias was killed in an automobile accident shortly after he moved to California with his wife. Ruby Tobias was driving the car and was devastated by the accident. She reportedly never really recovered from her grief. 

    Ms. Cortesy said the county removed the Tobias sign on TV Highway a few years before but later replaced it after old-timers "strenuously" objected. Leanne Marshall, sixth grader, and Ashley Sherrick, first grader, both students of Indian Hills, suggested the name. Each won a pizza party for her class, courtesy of Godfather’s Pizza. Other proposed names were Filbert Grove Elementary, Harvest Valley Elementary, Oak Meadows Elementary and Willow Brook Elementary; the Board’s second choice was Harvest Valley.