• Grants


    • Hillsboro Schools Foundation funded "Now Playing...Tobias STEM in 3D" which provided computers and a 3D printer to start a new after school club.  
    • "Future Tigers, Full Days, Fully Prepared" was generously sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation and the Hillsboro Schools Foundation.  This grant provided supplies and staff to give our first full day Kindergarteners a head-start on school readiness.
    • For our final transformation year, Intel's support was critical for completing our  fourth year goals and in preparing for program sustainability.  Our staff has focused on integrating more technology into our STEM instructional units and updating our lessons.  We also started a new coding after school club with drag and drop programming for second graders.  Chrome books were purchased which allows classes to complete group work and presentations working together on the same document in the classroom.
    • Portland Metro STEM Partnership's Nature in Neighborhoods grant from Metro continued for four elementary schools and community partners.  Tobias partnered again with SOLVE's Green Team to further develop our sixth grade environmental STEM (E-STEM) studies.  


    • Intel's support for Tobias's STEM transformation provided staff training in math instruction, math practices, math and science formative assessment, and growth mindset.  Teachers refined STEM units and lessons.  Engineering supplies were updated and newly available materials for younger students were purchased. 
    • Hillsboro Schools Foundation and Genentech sponsored "STEM Outside the Walls" for students to learn about soil quality and gardening using technology tools.
    • Hillsboro Schools Foundation and Genentech sponsored a grant to start a new fifth grade tradition of fun, hands on, STEM learning with rocket building and launching. 
    • An Aloha Garden Club grant provided seeds, soil, books, and tools to help students learn and use Tobias's new garden boxes.
    • Lenovo donated laptops for the award winning RoboTigers robotics team to use at and in preparing for First Lego League competitions.
    • Portland Metro STEM Partnership obtained a grant from  OTREC (Oregon Transportation Research and Education) for Tobias and Chehalem Elementary in Beaverton to participate in the Investigations in Transportation Program.  Our 5th and 5th/6th grade classes engaged in real world math and engineering problems by researching and proposing changes to the issues in our own school parking lot.
    • Portland Metro STEM Partnership received a Nature in Neighborhoods grant from Metro for four elementary schools and community partners.  Tobias partnered with SOLVE's Green Team to further develop our sixth grade environmental STEM (E-STEM) studies.  We will also create an introductory lesson for fifth graders


    • FEI provided funding for the purchase of microscopes for student use.
    • The Hillsboro Schools Foundation and New Seasons Market sponsored the "Something's Rotten at Tobias" grant to build compost bins and begin a school-wide composting program led by 6th graders. 
    • The Hillsboro Schools Foundation and Genentech sponsored the GEN (Girls Engineering Now) grant to establish an after-school club that inspires girls to explore STEM careers.
    • Intel's continued support provided staff training in engineering design, using lenses, science content knowledge, and math. Additional engineering supplies and nonfiction science books were purchased to support updated grade level STEM units.  


    • An Intel grant supported staff training.  This included training on the use of new science probes and teachers began developing drafts of integrated STEM units.  Tobias was able to purchase engineering supplies, magnifying loupes, and nonfiction science books. 
    • The Hillsboro Schools Foundation and Genentech supported Tobias with a grant to purchase STEM lab materials.  

    These grants enabled Tobias to go well beyond planning in the planning year.  Students were able to start learning about engineering design, perform science experiments with probes, and read up to date materials on science concepts.