Chess Club

  • Chess Club will be held on Tuesday this year from 2:10 - 3:00 pm in rooms 109, 110, 111 and 112.
    Starting on October 3, 2017 and going through December 12, 2017. (Except for the no school days)


  • We are so thrilled and grateful that the amazing Mr. Twigg and fantabulous Mrs. Gurske Patterson will be the co-coaches for the Chess Club this year! The chess club is VERY popular with Patterson's student body. This year we have 98 kids signed up for the Club. In years past, a team of 10 kids are chosen to go the Regionals and then a team of 8 kids onto the State Tournament for K-5 Division. Six graders are in their own separate group and in years past, all interested 6th graders are on the Regional Team. The team has brought home 2nd place in the State Elementary Chess tournament in 2009 and 2011 and in spring 2014, they got 3rd place. In addition, 2014 was also a very successful year on the individual front with 2 kids bringing home 2nd place and one 3rd place trophy. Last year, they also won the regionals and almost every year, they are one of the top teams in the region often placing first or second and qualifying for the state tournament. In summary, we are going to try to keep the tradition alive.

    Chess Club is divided into the rooms according to playing ability.  We have brand new beginners, kids who have played a little bit, and kids who are pretty doggone good! Mr. Twigg will lead the newbies through the very basic rules of chess.  These kids will have NO idea on how to move the pieces... and you will choose a piece or two to teach them about each week until they are able to play an actual game against another beginner player. We have lesson plans handed down to us from Mrs. Fowler and Chess For Success.  Chess For Success is a non-profit organization "to help children develop skills necessary for success in school and life through learning chess" and they also sponsor the state tournament.

Chess Club Coaches