Resource Conservation

  • Resource conservation is an important initiative in the Hillsboro School District. By monitoring and managing our use of electricity, natural gas, and water, we can reduce our consumption, save money, and use resources wisely. In addition, by lowering our usage of electricity and natural gas, we are reducing our carbon dioxde emissions, enhancing healthy learning and working environments. The Hillsboro School District strives to understand, educate, and practice sustainability strategies in collaboration with our community stakeholders.

Conservation During Pandemic Times

  •  These changing and uncertain times continue to affect each of us every day. As we all learn to adapt to new procedures and practices, our district continues to keep resource conservation as a part of the operations conversation. Safe social distancing and being homebound actually encourages conservation behaviors. During pandemic times, examine daily activities and find ways of conserving your own resources.







What's Happening in our Community?