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    Hillsboro School District negotiates contracts with its two unions: Hillsboro Education Association (HEA) for licensed staff; and Hillsboro Classified United (HCU) for classified staff, on (typically) a three-year basis. Negotiations are carried out in a collaborative manner with teams representing both sides. During the course of negotiations, contract language and financials are discussed. As articles reach tentative agreement (TA) they are set aside and other matters are attended to. Once TAs have been reached for all items, the contract goes to the union and to the School Board for ratification/approval.

    For more information about the public employee collective bargaining process in Oregon, please visit the Employment Relations Board website.

    The District's administrators, supervisory-technical, and confidential employees are not represented by unions and therefore do not go through a formal bargaining process. Rather, those employees are invited to participate in a meet-and-confer process with Human Resources representatives to share their thoughts, concerns, and input regarding their employment contracts.