Rules for Dances

  • Dance Rules:


    Failure to comply, EVEN ONE TIME, will result in wristband cut, and student removed from dance.  Breathalizers will be used at dance and administered randomly.


    1. All school rules will be enforced at dances (ex: no tobacco). Any class A or B offense will be dealt with accordingly (see parent handbook). Any student who engages in fighting, harassment, or any disruptive behavior will immediately have their wristband cut and will be removed from the dance. Ticket price will NOT be refunded if asked to leave dance.


    1. Non-students of host school must have a signed and approved guest pass. Student may only bring one outside guest. All students and guests must have a valid picture ID to be admitted to dance at check-in. Random breathalyzer tests will be administered. Adults older than 20 years of age are not allowed as guests at high school dances.

    2. Dress Code for Dances:   Shirt must remain on. Attire must be at least mid-thigh in length. Strapless/ Spaghetti straps ARE allowed. Backless to waist is permitted. No unreasonably sheer/see-through dresses.

    3. Doors may be opened under the supervision of a chaperone to promote air circulation. If there is a problem, all doors will remain permanently closed during the event. Students may not go outside, even with adult supervision. If a student leaves the dance, they will not be re-admitted.

    4. Appropriate physical contact only.  Sexually suggestive dancing will not be tolerated. If the behavior looks questionable, it will be stopped. Lewd dancing will result in student and/or couple having their wristbands cut and being immediately removed from the dance.  No straddling legs. No front to back dancing. Grinding will not be allowed. No inappropriate touching. Use the bathing suit rule!- if it’s covered by a bathing suit, don’t put hands there! No making out (no overt and/or prolonged public displays of affection). - Breakdancing must be performed safely. Both feet on floor. Hand on waist/ shoulders only.

    5. If inappropriate dancing continues after one warning, lights will be turned on and/or music changed as a collective warning for everyone.

    6. All students and guests musty leave location within 20 minutes of the end of the function. No loitering in parking lots. Parents/ Guardians please pick up your student within this time limit.   ‘


    THANK YOU!!!