LEADERSHIP CLASS Mr. Tom Stephens

    Extension 3588 

    Glencoe High School



    The goal of this course is to introduce and also to continue the development of students in the Glencoe HIgh School Leadership program. Students have applied and have been accepted (or elected), and therefore must meet the requirements of the class, both during the school day and outside of class.  Failure to do so will result in a probationary period, and potentially the dismissal from the class entirely.


    The established Glencoe High School  Student Council Vision states:

    “We are here...


    • To make a difference
    • To get everyone involved
    • To be successful
    • To have fun
    • To create and promote unity
    • To use everyone to their potential
    • To set an example for the future


    We aim to accomplish these tasks with positive attitudes, organization, efficiency,

    motivation, determination, responsibility, enthusiasm, and humility.”


    Keeping our Vision constantly in mind, we will hone our skills most specifically in:

    Planning and Organization - Good planning will save time, relieve stress, provide for an outstanding performance.  You will help yourself by daily working on your next events.

    Teambuilding - Teamwork is the foundation of a successful government.   We will be working on goal setting, accountability, commitment and attention to detail while dealing with different personalities.

    Leadership - You are not only a leader at GHS but you will be asked to be a leader among other leaders in this class.

    Service- You are providing other 1300 (ish) students with an awesome High School experience.  They are us.   We are them. The paint, the paper, the balloons, etc., is theirs.  The money is theirs.  They have elected you to use it to better their experience.  You have either applied for a position or the Leadership Class to serve them.  We are all The Tide. We are just lucky to be in a position of help and service.  Our talents are used to better other people - to lift other people.   It doesn't get any better than that. Nobody has it better than us.


    Class Expectations.  

    • You will make a positive effort in class each day.
    • You will be a leader in the school and in the classroom.
    • You will participate in committees, groups, decorations, discussions, voting, spirit days.
    • You will keep an interactive notebook and document your work and (often) your thoughts.
    • You will support the decisions made by the class and by ASB  and follow the norms that the class sets for meeting times.
    • You will not leave campus.
    • You will always speak positively about Leadership class, its members, and GHS at all times.  If this is hard, you will seek Ms. Church out for some inspiration.

    Each student is expected to have their notebook open at the beginning of class and to begin to journal the daily reflection.   When the bell rings you will remain quiet and courteous of others.   This will take approximately 3 minutes.


    1. Class Activities and Assignments
    • Leadership lessons, readings, socratic seminars, journaling, collaboration
    • Attendance at meetings


    1. Participation in school activities and programs
    • The only person who can excuse you from participation at an event is Ms. Church. An alternative service assignment /hours will be assigned as a replacement.


    1. Demonstration of leadership
    • Initiative in class and on campus, productive use of class time, dress up days, assemblies, activities, extra school events.


    1. Community Service Hours
    • 20 per semester at Glencoe or elsewhere. Check with Ms. Church if you are unsure if your hours will count. You must document these hours.
    • Cannot be for a family member


    Required materials: It is going to be a great year! I’m excited to be here

    Spiral notebook for INB with you and to be a part of the Crimson Tide.

    Writing utensil Please be patient with me as you show me the ropes and

    Open mind keep your mind open to possibilities! Your potential is