AP Biology 

    For AP Biology summer homework, use this link.


    AP Calculus

     No required summer homework. 


    AP English Language (AP Lang)

    No required summer homework. 


     AP English Literature (AP Lit)

    No required summer homework. 


    AP Human Geography

    No required summer homework.  Optional reading recommendation: Factfulness by Hans Rosling


    AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C

    If you are signed up for AP Physics 1 or AP Physics C,  please email Mrs. Shaaban at shaananl@hsd.k12.or.us


    AP Psychology

    No required summer homework.  


    AP US Government & Politics

    No required summer homework.  Hopefully you are paying attention to this election cycle.  If not, start reading & watching the news.  A great show to watch is The West Wing (available on Netflix or check out a copy at the library).  


    AP US History

    No required summer homework.