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  • SMMS Update, 5/9/22, 3:45 p.m. - please see your email or https://bit.ly/3wlIUSC for an announcement about our next principal.

    Aviso de South Meadows, 9/MAY/2022, 3:45 p.m. - Por favor revise su correo electrónico o https://bit.ly/3wlIUSC para leer un aviso sobre nuestro nuevo director.

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  • SMMS Update, 12/10/21, 11:30 a.m. - please see your email or https://bit.ly/3pMdMrZ for an update to this morning’s communication regarding social media rumors.

    Aviso de South Meadows, 10/DIC/2021, 11:30 a.m. - Por favor, consulte su correo electrónico o  https://bit.ly/3pMdMrZ para una actualización sobre el comunicado de esta mañana con respecto a los rumores en las redes sociales.

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  • SMMS Alert, 12/3/21, 9:45 a.m. - please see your email or https://bit.ly/3prFB8K for information about an incident at our school this morning.

    Aviso de South Meadows, 3/DIC/2021, 9:45 a.m. - Por favor consulte su correo electrónico o https://bit.ly/3prFB8K para obtener información sobre un incidente ocurrido en nuestra escuela esta mañana


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  • Check out our virtual back to school night for the 21/22 school year!
    You can access our virtual back to school night asynchronously at your own pace.  Enjoy!  


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  • School Supplies
    Hello families!  Here is the supply list for middle schools.  The most important things the kids need are headphones/earbuds, a backpack, and shoes for PE.  Feel free to get the whole list, but it is OK if you focus on the earbuds, backpack, and shoes.  


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  • Student Writing Contest Winners
    These students won a writing contest with the consulate of Spain.  We're proud of our bilingual writers!  We hope you enjoy a little of their writing

    Addison Berry

    Ashley Pineda Lima

    Diana Correa

    Leslie Aguilar


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  • Resources
    Here is a list of resource you can use for learning at home: Educational Resources


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  • Stay up-to-date with the great things happening at South Meadows by liking our Facebook page!

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Principal's Message

  • Justin WelchDear Community of South Meadows Middle School,

    I am elated to have the opportunity to serve you and your students as principal of South Meadows Middle School.  As the parent of a future SMMS Hawk, I have firsthand knowledge of the great things going on at South Meadows and look forward to adding my own passion and energy to the successful work being done, as well as offering new opportunities to benefit our students and community.  

    Before I moved to Hillsboro in 2014, I began my path as an educator at Linfield College and had my first teaching job in Utah (where I was born and raised).  After teaching for several years, I had the opportunity to serve as the assistant principal in a middle school and I truly love working with students at this age.  In fact, I have experience gaining status as a National School to Watch for maximizing student advisory time as well as enrichment and intervention.  My successful experience as a middle school administrator will give me insight into how to build upon the great things happening at SMMS, such as its robust Dual Language Program, AVID implementation, academic growth, attendance improvement, and student wellness.

    From 2014 to 2019, I had the privilege to lead W. Verne McKinney Elementary School as the principal where we enjoyed immense success!  At McKinney, we have been recognized as a Nationally Distinguished Title I School and have annually received praise as one of the top-achieving Title I schools in all of Oregon.  This success comes from students, families, teachers, and community partners uniting together under a common vision.  As principal, I have leveraged many resources to not only meet the needs of our students, but to help them thrive.  I will continue to build community partnerships and outreach at South Meadows so that our students have many opportunities to reach their highest potential.  

    I look forward to serving you at South Meadows Middle School for many years to come.  In that time, you will see that I model the values I hold dear in educating our children: that I believe in building upon strengths (and South Meadows has many!), that all students can collaborate and learn at high levels, and that engaging the community is crucial to a school's success.  Your involvement as an active member of the school will be critical to ensure that all children attending South Meadows are successful in their middle school years and beyond.  Contact me at any time so we can work together in our goal of making South Meadows the best possible school for your child and all the children of our community.

    Humbly yours,

    Justin Welch

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