Spartan Nights

  • Spartan Nights
    Spartan Nights will be on Monday and Tuesday, August 30th and 31st from 4-7PM.

    • At this event, students (incoming ninth graders and other students who have never been on campus) will be able to take a tour led by Student Council members to familiarize themselves with the buildings and locations and get general information regarding programs.
    • Information about how to setup or use student and parent Vue will be provided.
    • Preliminary class schedules will be pushed out via Student Vue and Parent Vue that Monday.
    • Find out information about some sports and possibly some activities about how to join.
    • Find out how to request a parking pass, locker, or class schedule change.
    • Get any technology that will be needed for the school year. (Each student will need a Chromebook or device that will be able to be used travelling from class to class with them) 
    • Purchase pictures from LifeTouch.
      • Regardless of whether you choose to purchase pictures or not, every student will need to take a picture for their ID badge.  This ID badge is required to be worn visibly at all times while on campus during the school day. It must be in their possession and showed to be allowed to enter to an event such as a game or dance.


  • John Matsuo
    Assistant Principal/Athletic Director