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  • In August 2022, the Hillsboro School District launched Oregon’s first-of-its-kind, industry-recognized and registered youth apprenticeship program: the Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship. This innovative two-year program provides a pathway for high school students, ages 16-18, to receive hands-on, paid training that prepares them for a career in advanced manufacturing, and provides employers with an expanded and diversified skilled workforce. 

    Upon successful completion of the program, the youth apprentices will receive accreditation from the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) and will become certified to work anywhere as a manufacturing technician.


  • Apprenticeships combine academic and technical instruction with paid work experience across many sectors, including advanced manufacturing. In a Registered Apprenticeship Program, apprentices gain a professional network and valuable skills that can help them find a high-paying job in the future. Training in alignment with education moves apprentices from unqualified to fully qualified for their occupations.


  • There is currently a workforce shortage for advanced manufacturing, both in Washington County and across Oregon. Partners of the Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship program recognize the opportunity to help create a diverse pipeline of talent for applied manufacturing positions, and to increase access to livable-wage jobs for the community’s youth and residents.  

    • In Hillsboro, where one out of every four jobs is in manufacturing, there are approximately 800 job openings in the advanced manufacturing sector, primarily at the technician level. 

    • Jobs in advanced manufacturing are projected to grow by 7% between 2021 and 2026, adding 2,470 new jobs in Washington County.

    • Nationally, apprentices earn on average $300,000 more over their careers than non-apprentices.



  • The inaugural apprentice cohort includes Century High School juniors participating in the Industrial and Engineering Systems Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.

    The Hillsboro Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship is: 

    • Currently available to Century High School students receiving related technical instruction (RTI)—classroom hours of theoretical knowledge and skills. For this program, the RTI is Drafting Tech 2 in junior year (11th grade) and Engineering Prep in senior year (12th grade)

    • Committed to including those traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry, including women, students of color, low-income students and students with disabilities.

    • Available to candidates who are at least 16 years old before their first day working for the company, a student in good standing and on track to graduate. 


  • Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are currently closed. Applications for the 2023-2024 school year will be available on January 1, 2023.


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  • Q: What is the difference between an INTERNSHIP and an APPRENTICESHIP?

    A: An internship is time-bound, meaning there is usually an end date when the internship is over. Examples are internships over the summer or for one academic year, and then it ends. An apprenticeship is a real job from the beginning of the program, and there is no end to your job without formally quitting. At the end of an internship, students may get a job offer to work with the company, but they also have the option to take their new skills and experience and move on.

    Q: What are the benefits of doing the apprenticeship program?

    A: This is a registered apprenticeship program and a two-year commitment that will help apprentices build skills and earn a progressively increasing salary while putting their manufacturing knowledge into practice while on the job. Nationally, apprentices earn on average $300,000 more over their careers than non-apprentices.

    Q: What are the risks or negatives of doing the apprenticeship program?

    A: Some youths believe that starting their careers early causes them to miss out on some experiences in high school, such as sports or band, due to work commitments. Apprentices must use good time-management skills to balance school, homework and work. They must expect to work for their employer full-time during school breaks such as spring break and the summer between junior and senior years. Some youths find this to be a positive because they are guaranteed summer employment and earn money and skills throughout the summer months.



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    • Applications for the 2023-24 school year available Jan. 1, 2023
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    Other Opportunities
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