Family & Community Engagement Team/Equipo de Enlace Comunitario

  • dora

    Dorotea López 
    Education Liaison              District's Family & Community Engagement          Office:503.844.1475                Cell:971-205-2411


    Vanessa Santillán                Education Liaison              Graduation Coach Specialist      503-844-1500 ext. 2758




    Education Liaison Early Learning

    Luciana Ribeiro

    Luciana Ribeiro
    Lincoln Street, McKinney,
    Witch Hazel                Office:503-844-6121
    Cell: 971.245.4129

       claudia Claudia Rizo
    503) 389-5540


    Education Liaison McKinney-Vento

    Courtney, Gibb

    Courtney Gibb
    Education Liaison
    Office:503.844.1753                Cell:971-245-2107


      Eric Avalos Alfaro
    McKinney Vento Graduation Coach

    Migrant Program Support Staff

    Leona Guthrie
    Migrant Program Teacher on Special Assignment
      Laura Ramirez
    Education Liaison/ Preschool Specialist
    Lourdes Salas Lourdes Salas
    Migrant Program Data Specialist
    503.844.1447 Ext. 6147
      Jes Jessica Servin
    Education Liaison/Recruiter 
          Salo Salomón Acosta
    Education Liaison/Recruiter 

    Family & Community Outreach Liaisons


    Yanina Bermúdez
    Brookwood Elementary
    Office:503.844.1715 Ext. 4840.                             Cell:(971) 246-7206‬


    Janeth Ceja
    Butternut Creek Elementary
    503.844.1390                          971-204-8527


    Yamelis Romero
    Eastwood Elementary
    503.844.1725 Ext. 6345.   Cell:971-208-7914

       Hadasa Hadasa Garcia
    Free Orchards Elementary
    503.844.1145 Ext. 5505

    Lincoln Street Elementary
    503.844.1500 Ext. 5607. Cell:541-854-5514

      Reyna Lara Barajas Reyna Lara Barajas
    McKinney Elementary
    503.844.1660 Ext. 2498
       Edgar Rivera
    Mooberry Elementary
    503.844.1640 Ext. 2947 Cell:971-204-8793
       Erika Diaz Tofaeono Erika Diaz-Tofaeono
    Minter Bridge Elementary
    503.844.1650 Ext. 2645                Cell:971-246-7310
    Idania Romo
    Reedville Elementary
    503.844.1570 Ext. 3419 Cell:
       Isabel Isabel Ramirez
    South Meadows Middle School
    503.844.1225 Ext. 5877 
     Paolina Paolina Esparza
    Witch Hazel Elementary
    503.844.1500 Ext. 4227.  Cell:971-238-8263

    Emma Villaraldo
    WL Henry Elementary
    Office:503.844.1500 Ext. 2188        Cell: 971-231-5292

    maria Maria Hernandez
    Indian Hills/Imlay Elementary

    Secondary Family Engagement Support Specialists

      Brenda Calzadilla
    Family Outreach Liaison/Bilingual Assistant
    Century High School
    503.844.1800 Ext. 1832.  Cell:971-208-3349
      Miguel Cholula Hernandez

    Miguel Cholula Hernandez
    Family Outreach Liaison
    Hillsboro High School
    Office:503.844.1500 Ext. 3737        Cell:971-245-4162


    Bianca Rodriguez
    Family Outreach Liaison/ Bilingual Assistant
    Glencoe High School
    Office:503.844.1932              Cell:971-231-9205


     Marisela Marquez
    Family Outreach Liaison/ Bilingual Assistant
    Liberty High School
    503.844.1250 Ext. 7019 Cell:9712250309


    Office of School Performance Graduation Coaches


    Yolanda Kinion
    Graduation Coach: Migrant Ed Middle School        Poynter Middle School          503-844-1580  Ext.  4650

      Huber Echeverría

    Huber Echeverría
    Graduation Coach: Migrant Ed Middle School
    R.A Brown Middle School
    503-413-0637.                  Cell:971-245-3066

    Guadalupe Pedraza

    Guadalupe Pedraza 
    Graduation Coach:
    Migrant Ed Middle School
    South Meadows Middle School
    503-844-1220 ext. 5976


    Enrique Guerra
    Graduation Coach: Migrant Ed Middle School
    Evergreen Middle School
    503-844-1400 ext.3912



    Latino Youth Program


    Abelmar Garcia
    Education Liaison: Latino Youth Program                

      Marianna Roman

    Marianna Roman
    Family Outreach Liaison & Interpreter



    Other School Family Outreach Support 


    Teresa Kinnan
    Tobias ES                          School Family Outreach Support 


    Cindy Ansari
    Ladd Acres ES                           School Family Outreach Support

     HSD Family Outreach Team 2020-21


  • Olga Acuña
    Olga Acuña
    Director of Federal Programs and Family and Community Engagement

    Administration Center
    3083 NE 49th Place #200
    Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-6009
    Phone: 503-844-1500
    FAX: 503-844-1782

Abriendo Puertas / Opening Doors

  • Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors Releases Spanish-language Video to Support Immigrant Parents
    Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors Releases Spanish-language Video to Support Immigrant Parents