About Transfers

  • Transfers are required for students to attend a school other than their "home school"-- the school assigned based on the parent/guardian's legal address of residence.

    If you are new to the Hillsboro School District and wish to attend your home school, then simply enroll at that school with all the necessary paperwork. Your new school will arrange for an exchange of records from the previous school. For Hillsboro School District attendees, enrollment information is in the enrollment section.

    Note that your city of residence does not define your school district. The Hillsboro School District comprises parts of several cities, including Banks, Beaverton, Cornelius and Portland, in addition to Hillsboro. Boundaries also may run across housing developments and apartment complexes. To confirm your home school, please call our Transportation Department at 503.844.1123

    There are two main types of transfers:

    • In-District — transfers within the Hillsboro School District
    • Inter-District — transfers between the Hillsboro School District and another district (i.e., Banks, Beaverton or Forest Grove School Districts).

    The sections on this page provide information on boundaries, timelines, forms, and policies related to student transfers. Transfers will be evaluated on several factors, which may include availability of space at the school and grade level, the reason for the request, and student history. There are no guarantees of approval; please read all terms carefully before applying.

    Click on the following links to view current District policies related to school assignments and transfers:

    Transfer Process Timeline 2024-25: Schedule and Priority Order

    Cronograma de transferencias para el año escolar 2024-25 (español) 

    JECC: Assignment of Students to Schools

    JECC: Asignación de estudiantes a las escuelas (español) 

    JECC-JC-AR: In-District Transfers

    JECB: Admission of Nonresident Students

    JECF: Inter-District Releases and Processing

Transfers Contact

  • HSD Transfers
    Communications Department
    Tel: 503.844.1771
    Fax: 503.844.1557