Strategic Plan Overview

  • The District has operated under four strategic plans since 2000. These strategic plans have articulated the District's mission, goals and focus area as it strives to increase the achievement of all students. The District feels that a clear and focused plan is critical to communicating its priorities to all stakeholders, serves as a roadmap to success, and helps to align efforts toward a common, student-centered outcome.

    Our 2016-2021 has a laser-like focus on maximizing the student experience and ensuring that students leave our system prepared for success in post-secondary endeavors and civic life. Each year, we will identify top system-level goals that are intended to move us closer to our strategic objective of all students graduating with career- and college-readiness skills. Data will be shared annually in March via the Key Achievement Indicators.

    Progress reports will be created periodically and shared electronically. Please click here to see current and previous reports.