• What is the WUCC?

      The West Union Community Club is a group of parents, teachers, and staff who are working together to enhance the learning experiences of the students of West Union Elementary School. The WUCC hosts fundraising events and community engagement opportunities to enrich our community and provide funds for deeper educational experiences for our students. 
    • How Can You Help?
    • Volunteer—There are many opportunities to help out at our school. Every little bit helps and is deeply appreciated by our community.
    • Go through the volunteer clearance process through the district website at https://www.hsd.k12.or.us/Page/152  to make sure you are approved and ready to go for the next volunteering event.
    • Ask your child’s teacher how you can best support their classroom.
    • Reach out to any member of the WUCC board. Find us at www.facebook.com/westunionelementary. Or, send an email to wucc.or.us@gmail.com.
    • Participate in one of our many fundraising events. The Fun Run, Ham Dinner, Carnival, and Dine Outs are great ways to start supporting our school. 
    • Sign up for the WUCC newsletter to stay up to date on meetings and events.
    • Come to our monthly WUCC board meeting on the first Wednesday of each month where we connect with parents, teachers, and Principal Hong. 
    • Some businesses in our local community match volunteer hours with donated funds. Check with your place of employment to see if they participate in one of these volunteer matching grant programs. 
    • How Do Fundraisers Benefit Our Students?

      The fundraising events put on by the WUCC raise money for our students and classrooms that are not provided by the school district. These enrichment opportunities include field trips for every student, Oregon Battle of the Books, staff appreciation, classroom resources, and more. All of the money we raise goes directly towards benefiting our students. The best way to learn more about how these funds are raised and spent is to attend the monthly WUCC meetings on the first Wednesday of each month.