After the 2017 Bond

  • Properties Purchased for Potential School Sites

    As part of the 2017 Hillsboro School District Bond, about $4.9 million was set aside to purchase properties in the developing south Hillsboro area to prepare for potential new schools as part of a future bond(s). As of July 31, 2023, $3.7 million has been spent to purchase three parcels:

    1. Rosedale Road parcel 1, approx. 40 acres south of Rosedale Road to the west of Farmington Road, for a potential combination elementary and middle school, similar to the Witch Hazel/South Meadows campus.
    2. Oberg parcel, approx. 34 acres, adjacent to the Rosedale Road parcel, for a potential elementary school.
    3. Reed's Crossing parcel, approx. 20 acres south of Kinnaman Road and west of 209th Avenue, for a potential combination elementary and middle school site.

    Other properties are being considered for a new high school site in the south Hillsboro/Beaverton area. With the addition of this site, a whole new feeder group can be created to serve the south Hillsboro area.

    Of course, many factors determine whether or not to develop these sites, including potential student populations as the surrounding areas grow. Site planning and construction cannot take place until a future bond(s) is undertaken, which involves extensive community feedback to review and finalize the potential list of projects (including upgrades to existing schools as well as any new schools), the funding required, and the impact on property taxes. The timing of this process is still undetermined; it could be a few years or several years from now. Voter approval is necessary once the bond request is placed on the ballot. After approval, project planning and implementation will be formalized.

    Aerial photos of the purchased properties are shown below:

    aerial photo of Rosedale Road property parcels

    aerial photo of Reed's Crossing parcel

    Technology Projects

    Bond funds also have been set aside to complete the initiatives for classroom device and technology purchases over the next year or so. Out of $10 million budgeted, about $4.35 million has been spent as of July 31, 2023.

    Bond Contingency Fund

    The remaining $2 million in bond funding has been set aside as contingency for escalated or unexpected costs and scope related to capital projects. If this is not spent, it will be set aside to be added to any future bond.