• Many resources are available to assist families and students at the school, in the district, and the wider community. If you need additional assistance, please contact your counselor.

    Supports for Social Emotional Health If you need to talk to a counselor or need support from your counselor

    Family and Community Resources If your family is in need of materials and supplies, support with technology, or just support in general.

    Request Technolgy If your student is in need of a chromebook or hotspot

    • Students can pick up chromebooks or hotspots, Contact the Century front office

    Request Textbooks If your student is in need of hard copies of their textbooks.

    • Students can pick up textbooks, Contact the Century front office.

    Technology Supports If your student is running into issues using their chromebook and/or accessing google classroom.

    • Students/parents can troubleshoot solutions here: Student Tech Support
    • Students/parents can call the HSD tech support line 503-844-1562 (en espanol 503-844-1568) 
    • Students/parents can send an email to

    Academic Supports Students seeking support with their classes should do the following.

  • Crisis Resources


    The Hillsboro School District cares about the wellbeing of all of our students. If you have concerns related to yourself or someone you know, here are immediate crisis resources no matter the day, time, or location.


    Century’s counseling department is available for our students during the school day. Do not hesitate to reach out during school hours.

  • US driver education database

    US driver education database is a free online service will help students prepare for the driver knowledge test and become safe drivers.