• Many resources are available to assist families and students at the school, in the district, and the wider community. If you need additional assistance, please contact your counselor.


    Supports for Social Emotional Health If you need to talk to a counselor or need support from your counselor

    Family and Community Resources If your family is in need of materials and supplies, support with technology, or just support in general.

    • Glencoe hosts a food pantry and clothing closet where you can access resources every Wednesday 12pm - 2pm under the cafeteria
    • Please complete the HSD Form to request resources
    • Contact our Family Outreach Liason - Bianca Rodriguez - - (971)208-5806

    Request Technolgy If your student is in need of a chromebook or hotspot.

    • Please complete the GHS Technology Request form
    • After completing this form students can pick up chromebooks or hotspots at Glencoe on Wednesday between 9am-4pm. Please request a pick-up time here

    Request Textbooks If your student is in need of hard copies of their textbooks or other materials/resources.

    • Please complete the GHS Materials Request Form before noon weekly.
    • After completing this form students can pick up textbooks at Glencoe on Wednesday between 9am-4pm. Students will receive an email confirming pick-up time to the email that they enter into the form.

    Technology Supports If your student is running into issues using their chromebook and/or accessing google classroom.

    Academic Supports Students seeking support with their classes should do the following.