Hilhi Counseling Center

  • As we begin this new school year, our Counselors are working to complete student schedules. Please be patient with us as we are still in the process of hiring new staff. Our goal is to have student schedules out after the Labor Day weekend. We will not be giving schedules out earlier than this, therefore, we ask that students hold off on asking for them any sooner. Schedules will be available through the StudentVue App. We are looking forward to seeing our students this year and hope for a smooth transition!

    If you are looking to enroll your student at Hilhi, please visit our Enrollment Page. Alejandra Mejia, our Counseling Secretary, is happy to help answer any questions you may have about the enrollment process. 

    Thank you!

Lunchtime Counselor

The Counseling Center
  • Students are encouraged to see our counseling staff:
    - before school or after school
    - at either lunch (lunchtime counselor is on duty daily)
    - by scheduling an appointment via our counseling secretary

    Parents may call Alejandra Mejia at (503) 844-1988 or email mejiahua@hsd.k12.or.us to make a counseling appointment.


  •        BELIEF (We believe all students...):

    • Want to feel CONNECTED, CARED for, and SUCCESSFUL
    • Are CAPABLE of and want to reach their POTENTIAL
    • Can THRIVE given ACCESS - regardless of behavior and/or background

MISSION (Our role...):

    • MISSION (Our role...):
    • We LISTEN to student and family VOICE and get to know our FAMILIES
    • We work to reduce BARRIERS and enable access to RESOURCES
    • We EMPOWER and facilitate GROWTH through skill-building and self-advocacy

VISION (We will...):

    • VISION (We will...):
    • Create strong SYSTEMS that address the needs of the WHOLE CHILD via WRAPAROUND support
    • Use DATA to be CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE in our practices
    • Encourage ACCOUNTABILITY among all stakeholders