Enrollment Process

Steps for Enrollment

  • Identify Your Student's Home School
    As a new resident, the first thing you should do is confirm the “home school(s)” for your student(s). You can find your home school by checking online at Find My School (enter "guest" for both user name and password).  Click here for full instructions on using the tool for determing your student's home school.

    When using Find My School If the result is "Not Available", your address may not be recognized or it may not be in the Hillsboro School District.  If you have questions regarding your address boundary please call Transportation at 503.844.1123

    Step 2 iconEnroll Your Student
    Under normal circumstances, you would begin the enrollment process by visiting your “home school” during office hours. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our schools are currently closed and we are implementing a distance learning model of instruction until schools reopen. Once the enrollment process is completed, your student(s) will be able to participate in the district's distance learning model of instruction.

    If you are new to Hillsboro School District, the most ideal method for enrolling is Online Registration. Click here for instructions for online enrollment.

    If you are a returning student or unable to complete the online enrollment, you have the following options:

      1. Download and complete the paper Enrollment form — English Enrollment Form / Spanish Enrollment Form.  Mail the completed paper form to your student’s home school. The mailing address for HSD schools may be found by clicking the “OUR SCHOOLS” link on the top of this page and selecting your home school. Once your school receives your enrollment form, they will contact you asking to provide further documents.

      2. A second option is to complete the enrollment form and make an appointment with your home school to deliver the enrollment form and other required documents to the school. If you choose this option, call your home school and leave a message to arrange a time to safely deliver documents while honoring all appropriate social distancing rules.

    Below is a checklist of forms that may be required:

    Enrollment FormEnrollment Form (Spanish)
    Language Use Survey (English/Spanish)Language Use Survey (English/Vietnamese)
    Indian Education Eligibility form (if applicable) [fillable Indian Education Eligibility form]
    Certificate of Immunization Status form Oregon CIS Form
    Digital Resource Permission FormDigital Resource Permission Form (Spanish)
    Proof of address (i.e., mortgage statement, rental agreement, utility bill) 
    Proof of legal name and age (i.e. birth certificate, current passport, etc.)*
    *Documentation that may suffice includes records from a previous school; a hospital record or a baptismal record; or a signed affidavit from a parent, guardian, or other person in a parental relationship.

    Step 3 iconWait  for Instructions From Your School Regarding Distance Learning
    Once your home school has received required information and documents, your student’s new teacher(s) will be reaching out to you regarding how to engage in the distance learning process. Call your home school and leave a message stating your questions or concerns with a call back number.



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