Spectators at High School Sports

  • March 1, 2021 - In a letter addressed to high school student-athletes and their families, HSD athletic directors communicated a plan for allowing access to home sporting events, beginning the week of Mar. 8:

    February 26, 2021

    Dear HSD High School Student-Athletes and Families,

    We wanted to provide you with an update on our plans for spectators at high school sports contests, which are set to begin the week of Mar. 1.

    First, we are working with a company called Pixellot to provide families with access to live-streamed coverage of sports contests that take place in the following locations: 

    • Hare Field - Turf Field/Stadium
    • GHS - Main Gym
    • LHS - Main Gym and Turf Field/Stadium
    • CHS - Main Gym and Turf Field/Stadium
    • HHS - Main Gym and Turf Field with camera able to rotate to Varsity Softball Field

    Equipment installations should be completed the week of Mar. 8. Once everything is in place, families who have registered for a free account with the NFHS Network will be able to watch HSD home sports contests free of charge through the streaming service. Additional information about the operational status of the system at your school or contest location will be provided by your child’s athletic director or coach. 

    Second, we also understand the importance of families being able to support students in their athletic endeavors on-site. As you know, our ability to welcome spectators is tied to both the Governor’s current risk level assessment (based on the COVID situation in our county) as well as our schools’ ability to provide staffing, ensure adherence to crowd size limitations, and sanitize spaces after the event (as necessary). 

    County risk level assessments are determined every other week and take effect on Fridays. Washington County will move from the “High” to “Moderate” category on Friday, Feb. 26, and will remain there until Friday, Mar. 12, at which time the risk level may stay the same or move to another category.

    The table below lists the spectator limitations by risk level. Please note that the group size limits include student-athletes, coaches, and any event workers that may be needed. Also, no spectators are allowed at any risk level for indoor full-contact sports (e.g. wrestling). 

    Risk Level





    Outdoor Sports

    Maximum 300 people; full-contact sports allowed

    Maximum 150 people; full-contact sports allowed

    Maximum 75 people; outdoor full-contact sports allowed with submitted plan

    Maximum 50 people; outdoor full-contact sports allowed for K-12 with submitted plan

    Indoor Sports

    Capacity: Maximum 50% occupancy 

    Capacity: Maximum 50% occupancy or 100 people total, whichever is smaller

    Capacity: Maximum 25% occupancy or 50 people total, whichever is smaller

    Not allowed

    Our first priority is giving our student-athletes the opportunity to suit up in their uniforms and compete in their sports. And because this is new for all of us, we will be focusing all of our attention on making sure those first contests go smoothly. We know we have a lot to learn, and we are committed to making this a positive experience for all involved. Therefore, no spectators will be allowed at any contests the week of Mar. 1. 

    Starting the week of Mar. 8, we will be gradually welcoming spectators, beginning with our senior student-athletes. Each senior on the home team* will be able to add the names of two adult family members/guardians/advocates to a pass list for their upcoming contest. (*Spectators will not be allowed from visiting teams; in the event two HSD teams are playing one another, only spectators from the team designated as “home” will be able to attend.) Those adults will check in with the event monitor upon arrival so they can be checked off the list. Please DO NOT bring young children or additional people who have not been added to the pass list. They will not be allowed to enter. We know this situation is not ideal, but with everyone’s help we believe we can make this work. Thank you for your understanding and assistance. 

    On Friday, Mar. 12, we will send out another update with information for the following two weeks, based on the risk level designation that will go into effect for Mar. 12 - Mar. 26. If we remain at the Moderate level or move to the Low level, our plan will be to expand the pass system to students in the lower grade levels. 

    We do not know the plans for schools in other districts, but it is unlikely that families of HSD student-athletes will be able to attend “away” contests in person. Athletic directors and coaches will provide updates and additional information as the season progresses. 

    Again, our number one priority is the students. We know they are excited to play, we’re excited for them to play, and families are most certainly excited for them to play. We are also acutely aware of the challenges presented to us by the ongoing pandemic. Things are improving in our area, and we are optimistic that as the COVID case rate continues to drop and vaccination coverage increases, we will be able to expand our operations accordingly.

    Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership. 


    Denice Rice
    Century HS AD

    Matt York
    Glencoe HS AD
    Steve Drake
    Hilhi AD
    Alan Foster
    Liberty HS AD


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