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    AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) is a year-long elective support class for students who are determined to attend college and are “in the middle” academically. With extra supports they receive, AVID students are better able to reach their academic potential. AVID targets students with a 2.0-3.0 GPAs and seeks out students who may be the first in their family to attend higher education.

    The elective class supports students by giving them extra opportunities to strengthen their reading, writing and speaking skills (all necessary for success in college and/or career). AVID students learn and practice skills and habits that help them be more successful in their other classes.

    AVID students are required to take extensive notes every day in each class and will be required to work in “college-type” tutorial sessions at least twice a week in their AVID elective class.

    Organization is a large focus in AVID. Students are required to keep and maintain an organized 3-ring binder, take extensive notes, and think critically in all their classes.

    AVID is a long-term commitment. Students tend to begin in their 8th-grade year and remain with the same cohort of students throughout high school (Glencoe also offers AVID), developing strong relationships with fellow students and their teacher.

    AVID is not a remedial experience. It isn’t for students who are failing classes or who have difficulty with attendance. It is for students who have the drive and desire to work hard and achieve more than they ever thought they could do. In high school, students are strongly encouraged to enroll in an Advanced Placement or other advanced class(es) because that track will serve them well when they begin applying for college.

    In addition to AVID elective, Evergreen also offers the AVID Excel elective. This program is designed for long-term English learners to further develop their academic language and literacy in English, and prepare to join the AVID elective in high school. AVID Excel students join the AVID elective students for team-building, trips, and other special events throughout the year.

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