Grades 7 and 8

  • Students are expected to have the following CDL:
    Middle School Supply List

    ● 4 Composition or Spiral Notebooks (1 per core class)

    ● Pencils

    ● Pens

    ● Erasers

    ● Pencil Sharpener

    ● Color Pencils

    ● 2.5-3 inch Binder with dividers

    ● Calculator (phone calculator works as well)

    ● Earbuds or headphones

    ● Highlighter ●

    Optional: ● Folders ● Filler Paper (lined) ● Zipper pouch for pencils/pens ● Printer Paper

    Students will also need a computer/Chromebook for Comprehensive Distance Learning which schools are able to provide if needed. Schools may also provide additional items (hands on items/manipulatives) that are needed for distance learning. A schedule for pick up and/or drop off of these items will be determined by the school.