About Dr. Pede

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    Dr. Pede has spent most of his life in education. He comes from a teaching family. His mother was a middle school teacher and his father was a teacher for a brief time. He has been a student for all of his adult life. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in social studies from Humboldt State University, Master of Arts degree in Special Education from California State University Dominguez Hills, a Masters of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from California State University Northridge, and a Doctorate of Educational Leadership degree from Lewis and Clark College. Dr. Pede taught for 11 years in California as a special education teacher. He has been an administrator for 16 years as an Assistant Principal, Principal, Director, and now Principal of Poynter Middle School.

    Dr. Pede enjoys traveling, good books, laughing, and working in schools.

    You will often see Dr. Pede in classrooms, the hallways, cafeteria, and outside by the buses when you visit Poynter Middle School. He has an open door policy.

    Jon Pede, Ed.D.
    Poynter Middle School
    Go Patriots!