• Ashley Pence Hello, I’m Ashley Pence, your new recess coordinator. You may have spotted me outside setting up games and playing with the students. My goals for recess are to have a fun and safe environment with a variety of options for our students at all age levels. I will be introducing weekly games! There will be a link below to show your students in class the right way to play before recess.



    Weekly Game: Three Line Soccer


    How to Play: have everyone stand in three single-file lines, one behind each cone.

    The first player in each line steps onto the field and form a team of trhree. The second player in each line steps onto the other side of the field and form a team of three.

    One player form each team plays a game of Rock paper scissors to determine who will kkick off. One player in line wait their turn to play while cheering. The object of the game is to be the first team to score.

    Extra rules:

    When a point is scored, that team stays on the field and the next three line steps on the field as a team. This oncoming team getsa to kick off the ball. The team that did not score returns to the end of their respective line.

    Also, there may be some days where the mats are outside for students to do tumbling, stretchin or yoga poses. Please remind students it's not a place to wrestle or fight on. If it is problematic for particular grade levels, the mats will be removed.


    Reminders: All equipment is to be shared and use safely. If equipment is not being used safely, it will be put away for the day.

     If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email me @ pencea@hsd.k12.or.us